Keep Your Patients In Your Continuum of Care

Don’t lose them to stem cell clinics

Orthopaedic issues impact patients of all ages. However, many patients are more highly active, suffering from obesity, and are also living longer.

Many patients have tried conservative treatments but are not ready for major, invasive surgery.  These patients may be seeking options and maybe lured from Stem Cell Ads by Injection Clinics.

Keep Your Patients in Your Continuum of Care offer them Lipogems® a FDA cleared option that uses the highest quality tissue from their own body to cushion the area to support the healing of damaged or injured tissue.

Offered by Top Orthopaedic Physicians and Institutions

Lipogems is offered by top orthopaedic physicians and institutions around the world


Riley Williams, MD | Orthopaedic Surgeon
Hospital for Special Surgery | New York, NY

Medical Director for NBA Brooklyn Nets, Medical Director for New York Red Bulls

“Patients are living longer and are also more active. They desire to exercise, maintain their activity levels, and improve quality of lifestyle in their later years. Medicine is forced to keep up with the patient demands and the load/forces placed on muscles, joints and tendons.”

“As a result,” the doctor continued, “we are understanding more about reparative medicine options. I believe fat has the highest concentration of reparative cells, compared to other, similar tissue. I believe cells from one’s own body are the best cells a patient can use.”

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William Kesto, MD | Orthopedic Surgeon - Sports Medicine
The CORE Institute | Novi, MI

“Orthopedic conditions impact everyone of all ages. Your own powerful fat can help you heal the natural way.  Fat has the best reparative cells, is easier to harvest, and more comfortable for the patients. Studies have shown that fat has 100 to 500 times more reparative cells compared to similar tissue. I like to offer this option to my patients because fat is easy to get from the patient and uses a simple and minimally invasive procedure that can be done in the office. Our motto is “Keep Life in Motion” and with Lipogems we can do just that for our patients”

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John Kennedy, MD, FRCS | Orthopaedic Surgeon
Hospital for Special Surgery | New York, NY

“We always evaluate the science behind the technologies that we use at the Hospital for Special Surgery,” Dr. Kennedy asserted. “Evidence-based medicine is extremely important, and we did our own due diligence behind this technology. When it comes to LIPOGEMS, the evidence is strong and growing—and that’s why we offer it to our patients.”

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John O'Hearn, MD | Orthopaedic Surgeon
Susquehanna Orthopaedics | Forest Hills, MD

“Lipogems has been a game changer for my patients.

Everyday we treat patients, both young and old, who suffer from musculoskeletal pain from injury or disease that compromises their quality of life. Several years ago, while seeking to improve upon the traditional treatment options that I had been able to offer my patients, I became aware of Lipgems an innovative technique that uses a patient’s own adipose tissue to support healing of damaged or diseased tissue. After performing my due diligence including extensive discussions with the originator of this technique I knew that this was something that would benefit my patients of all ages. Lipogems has helped my patients to heal and optimize recovery. It can be used as an option for patients who are indicated for traditional invasive treatments or as an adjunct to minimally invasive arthroscopic procedures to maximize healing and optimize recovery.”

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Andrew Spitzfaden, MD | Orthopaedic Surgeon
Wood Mills Orthopedics | Chesterfield, MO

“Orthopedic medicine has advanced a ton over the last fifteen years, with regards to reparative medicine. Most don’t realize the power of fat. It’s a strange concept, but studies have shown that fat is loaded with reparative cells that can support healing for orthopaedic issues. I chose to include the LIPOGEMS procedure into my practice because as an orthopaedic surgeon, I want to offer all treatment options to them. I will do my best to help the patient decide what fits best with their lifestyle and current medical situation.”

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Joanne Halbrecht, MD | Orthopaedic Surgeon
Boulder Institute for Sports Medicine | Boulder, CO

“As an orthopedic surgeon with an undergraduate degree in engineering, I have always embraced cutting-edge technology,” say Dr. Joanne Halbrecht. We use an FDA-compliant method to harvest the patient’s own adipose tissue. The tissue is processed and then injected into the injured area. The whole process is done in our office using local anesthetic and only takes about one hour.”

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