The processing takes place in a closed- loop system in a single surgical step. The processed tissue is minimally manipulated and used to repair, restore or replace damaged tissue.


This phase can be performed even under general or local anesthesia. Following an infiltration of a solution composed of saline, adrenalin and lidocaine the harvesting can begin. Both procedures are performed using a series of blunt cannula that are connected to the Luerlock® syringe included in the kit.


The harvested tissue is processed immediately in the surgical area using the LIPOGEMS® system. This phase permits a gradual reduction in the adipose tissue clusters and removes impurities (blood, oil and cell debris).


Once the processing phase in concluded, the tissue is immediately transferred to the treatment site.

May be Used for Multiple Orthopaedic Issues: For patients suffering from multiple orthopaedic issues, the microfragmented fat may be injected into those areas in the same setting.