The Lipogems® system concentrates the adipose tissue and resizes the tissue to an optimal size now called microfragmented adipose tissue. The system preserves the structural properties and microarchitecture of the original tissue: the scaffold (the adipose tissue and stromal structure), the cells (i.e., endothelium, pericytes, MSCs), and the growth factors


Why Adipose Tissue

Adipose tissue has many natural reparative characteristics that help support a healing environment throughout the body.  The subcutaneous adipose tissue can be easily harvested by a simple, minimally invasive procedure (fat harvesting) from the abdomen, the flanks, or the thigh where it is most present.


The Adipose Cell & Tissue Microarchitecture

Adipose tissue contains a specialized, natural that contains important reparative cells adipocytes, pre-adipocytes, pericytes, medicinal signaling cells, microvasculature, and other cells incorporated into a collagen matrix.  Retention of this microarchitecture is key in sustaining the normal function of the cells during tissue healing and repair. In addition, keeping the microarchitecture is important for the FDA and meeting the guidelines for minimal manipulation of tissue.


Cushion and Support

The FDA considers adipose tissue to be a structural tissue that can be used to provide cushion and support to help aid the healing process of damaged or injured tissue.



Lipogems is a single use device for the closed loop processing of adipose tissue intended for the use of harvesting, concentrating, and transferring adipose tissue.  The minimally invasive procedure may be performed in under an hour in the clinic or maybe added to the orthopaedic or arthroscopic surgery to optimize healing.  The autologous adipose tissue is processed in a closed looped system using only saline to wash and rinse the impurities (blood, oil, cell debris) and progressively resize the tissue (minimally manipulated) to an optimal size.  The entire procedure takes place in complete immersion in saline, thus minimizing any traumatic action on the cells and does not use of enzymes or other additives. The microfragmented tissue is then transferred to the area to provide cushion and support the healing process of damaged or injured tissue.

The absence of gross physical destruction of the tissue components or enzymatic treatment preserves tissue integrity of the cell and tissue microarchitecture is preserved and renders the tissue “minimally manipulated”. After processing with the Lipogems® device, the cell and tissue microarchitecture are structurally and morphologically intact. Furthermore, the reduction in the size of the adipose tissue clusters improves handling and ease of injecting into the site.